We come from a long road of service in the restaurant industry.

So, we understand customers need. ZipZap Delivery.com and ZipZap Delivery are both operated hands on by its owners.

We came to exist out of a storm of ideas from two friends trying to make ends meet and with a desire to succeed.

As we lead into the world of technology and with most of us using the internet as our “road” to almost anything we want, ordering food online has become a friendly trend. Having what you want to eat is just a click away.

What are you hungry for?

ZipZap Delivery.com provides online order placement service and we provide delivery service for some of our local participating Restaurants through ZipZap Delivery.

ZipZap Delivery.com and ZipZap Delivery provides convenience for both, customers and restaurants. Our commitment is to give every customer the best experience.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s ZipZap